Having fun in the outdoors is key to the Mapology way of thinking. For some, just getting the opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is pleasure enough, for others getting stuck into a project and coming away with dirt under the fingernails is what they are looking for. Whatever it is, we’ll help you find it!


Looking to explore Edinburgh and the surrounding areas but not sure where to start? Mapology offer local micro-adventures to give you some of the skills you need to get into the great outdoors.

What’s even better is that these adventures are designed to start and end at your front door (or very close to it!) We aim to use venues that are accessible by public transport from Edinburgh to get out into the local wild spaces such the Pentland Hills, the Lammermuir Hills, and the Scottish Borders.

This can be anything from an half or full day stroll through to an overnight wildcamping experience under the stars!

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Guided Walks

Would you like to explore some of Scotland’s great landscapes but don’t have the confidence or skills to take yourself or a group out?

Don’t worry, we can provide qualified guides who will not only keep you safe, but will make sure you have a great time and learn about what you see and hear around you. You can also learn some basic navigation skills as you go too, which means you’ll be more confident heading out again in the future!

We can provide leaders for a range of walking trips around the UK from singe days through to week long excursions and beyond!

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John Muir Award

We run the John Muir Award, an environmental award scheme that’s focused on wild spaces. This could be your school playground, a local park, or further afield. It is non-competitive, inclusive and accessible to all whether you want to complete it as a group, family, or as individuals.

The aim of the John Muir Award is to help you appreciate the value of nature, urban greenspaces, and wild land.

Mapology can run tailored John Muir Awards just for you. We run both the Discoverer and Explorer levels – and you can complete these as many times as you like! Whether you’re a youth group looking to work on a project once a week or a family looking for an alternative summer holiday, we work with you to make the most of your local area.

We currently don’t have any open John Muir Award Programmes running. If you would like to arrange one, please get in contact with the Mapology team.

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