NNAS Bronze Award – Training & Assessment

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The 2-day Bronze National Navigation Award covers the essential map reading skills. You’ll learn about using “handrail features”, like paths and walls, to guide you along your way. You’ll also learn the basics of how to use a compass and how to use it with your map to ensure you don’t get lost.

A bronze course will take you from relying on friends or guidebooks to being able to plan a walk and follow it successfully.

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Duration: 2 -days, 9am – 4pm on both days.

What the course covers:

  • Navigate using a variety of maps and scales.
  • Use 4 and 6 figure grid references with worded descriptions to define the position of a map feature and to locate a feature on the ground.
  • Orientate the map using handrails, obvious point features and major landforms.
  • Use linear features (e.g. paths, tracks, clear boundaries) as handrails in simple navigation exercises.
  • Relate prominent landforms such as large hills and valleys to corresponding contour information on the map.
  • Orientate the map by aligning a compass needle against grid north and be aware that magnetic variation causes an inaccuracy.
  • Use an orientated map to confirm direction of travel.
  • Use clearly identifiable features to confirm position along the route and to recognise when the target has been overshot.
  • Measure horizontal distance on the map and estimate distance on the ground using timing, pacing and simple visual judgements e.g.100m.
  • Plan and implement simple routes and navigation strategies based on the above skills.
  • Recognise a navigation error within a few minutes and apply simple relocation techniques using handrails and prominent features.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of local and national access issues, access legislation, personal responsibilities and the Countryside Code.
  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge of walking equipment, safety equipment and emergency procedures.

What’s Included: We provide all the resources including maps and compasses, we also arrange tea and coffee throughout the course. A copy of the course kit list is available below.

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2 reviews for NNAS Bronze Award – Training & Assessment

  1. Laura Christie

    Sion was an excellent leader for the NNAS bronze and I would highly recommend taking this course with Mapology. From the very start there was a good mix of both indoor and outdoor learning. Most of our indoor learning was visual so rather than just reading information or listening to someone explain it we had fun tasks like drawing our own basic maps and learning to understand contour lines by arranging wooden shapes into mock hills and tracing their edges.

    Over the 2 days I learned a huge amount and have really gained confidence in navigating using maps rather than relying on GPS from my phone. Thanks Sion for a fantastic course and I look forward to signing up for the NNAS silver course with Mapology sometime next year!

  2. Scott-Pearce family

    We completed the NNAS bronze course as a family and despite less-than-ideal weather conditions it was highly enjoyable and rewarding. The course comprises an excellent mix of teaching and learning methods, and the pace was just right. Each afternoon we actively put into practice what we had learnt indoors, testing our skills and remembering to use the 5 Ds. We are much more confident now in map-reading, compass use, staying safe and not getting lost! Hope to move up to silver soon….

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