Wild Garlic

Range of Names

Wild garlic is known by many other names:

  • Bear leek
  • Bear’s garlic
  • Broad-leaved garlic
  • Buckrams
  • Ramsons
  • Wood garlic

How to find it?

Wild Garlic Leaves

Wild Garlic Leaves.


Wild garlic starts to appear in early spring, usually in shaded wooded areas.The leaves are long and slender ovals, and the flower (from April to July) is made up of small clusters of delicate, white petals.

If you’re looking for it then it can is often easier to follow your nose as the plant lets out a sweet, garlic smell!

Can you eat wild garlic?

In a word “yes”! Wild garlic is a versatile plant, and both leaves and flowers are edible. Avoid the bulb though, this is most certainly not-edible.

Using the leaves either raw in a salad, or added to a cooked dish. It’s better to eat the younger shoots as they are sweeter and less pungent.

The flowers (from April to July) are also edible but, as with the leaves, best to eat the younger ones only as they can become quite overpowering.

Health benefits

Wild Garlic Leaves

A field of wild garlic, under a tree canopy.

It is believed that garlic offers antibacterial and antibiotic properties, and contains vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and copper.

Scientific studies on animals have shown that wild garlic has a significant effect on reducing blood pressure and other blood chemistry, though there are mixed results in humans.



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